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Skin Reform

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Diamond Peel facial

Also known as microdermabrasion, is a non-invasive facial treatment to remove dead skin cells and regenerate new cell growth. A suction device is used to gently exfoliate the top layer of your skin.

Remove dead skin

Minimise enlarge pores

Reduce pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Crystal Light facial

Crystal Light facial is probably the best treatment for dull, tired skin, to bring life back for a more radiant complexion.

Deep pore cleansing

Lighten pigmentation and blemishes

Smoothen uneven skin tone

Brighten skin appearance

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    Frequently Asked Any Question

    Unveil Your True Beauty At Our Salon

    Royal Secrets Wellness’ facial and body treatments are open to female customers only.

    We welcome all customers, both male and female customers, to try our Optimal Wellness Management services.

    It is usually around 60 to 90 minutes depending on the type of treatment.

    All facial treatments at Royal Secrets Wellness are pain-free, non-invasive and safe.

    Based on this information, they create customized beauty solutions that cater to your specific requirements.

    You should be able to see a difference after the first facial treatment. However, every person’s skin condition is different. Some may need two to three treatments before they see results.

    It is advisable not to come for massage or body treatment when you have medical condition or when you are sick; when you have skin condition or open wound.