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2-in-1 Programme : Bioresonance Scan plus Organ Energising

With the use of electromagnetic frequencies, bioresonance scan is able to detect imbalances or irregularities in these frequencies that indicate potential health issues. It will then generate and emit electromagnetic frequencies to "harmonize" or "balance" the detected irregularities, thus helps restore normal functioning of the targeted organs and and achieve optimal wellness.

3-in-1 Programme : Bioresonance Scan plus Organ Energizing plus Whole Body Cellular Detox

In addition to whole body wellness scan and energizing of organs, clients can sit back for a whole body cellular detox. The negative ions envelope the body in a safe, effective way to restore our body cells, by bringing them back to their optimal state. It possesses the ability to improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins, weaken and eliminate viruses with regular use.

*The above programmes come with complimentary body composition analysis (BCA) and blood pressure (BP) measurement

What we hope to achieve

Four Parts to Optimal Wellness Management

Part 1 - Ideal Body Mass

Measuring and advising on your ideal body mass with our BCA machine

Part 2 - Ideal Body Condition

Our bioresonance scan uses state of the art AI technology to pick up early warnings of organ, tissue and gland malfunctions.

Part 3 - Ideal Well-Being

Negative Ion Static Therapy (NIST) system provides static negative ions to envelope the body in an electric field, in a safe and effective way to restore our body cells back to their optimal state for further rejuvenative therapy.

Part 4 - Ideal Lifestyle

Taking care of your total well-being, with recommendation of body treatment, non-invasive phototherapy patches and nutrition.

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